Head of UX Virgin Atlantic

I set up and lead the design, content and product teams at Virgin Atlantic. We built a new design system, crafted the content strategy and developed product roadmaps for the world's most loved airline.

You can read more about our evolution in this article by Adobe


Head of design RSA Group

I was the first designer hired by RSA and I helped build the user experience team. My team worked closely with product, content and data groups across a broad spectrum of design challenges with our partner brands John Lewis, Nationwide, Tesco and MORE TH>N, as well as our regional teams in Canada, Ireland, Sweden and Mexico. Alongside my project work, I lead the team in designing RSA's first pattern library and creating the global design standards.


The agency years

For the first 10 years of my career I was 'agency side' and worked with a range of brands including IKEA, Penguin books, BBC and Microsoft. I've was fortunate enough to win some awards, build a diverse portfolio and work with some exceptionally bright individuals.


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I'm always happy to talk, so feel free to reach out or tweet me.